Branche d'Olive

Branche d'Olive Fleur de Cassis (Blackcurrant Flower)

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A year round fabulous fragrance:  rose, violet and jasmine blend harmoniously with fruity blackcurrant  highlighted by crisp citrus on a base of sandalwood and musk.

Branche d'Olive's elegantly bottled diffusers continuously scent living spaces for up to two months and may be replenished from our range of Refills. Remove reeds to reduce intensity, turn them to enhance it. To lengthen diffuser usage time, remove all reeds and re-stopper whilst away for any significant period: the reeds alone will provide a welcoming fragrance on your return.

Branche d'Olive's 200ml range of refills are contained in 8cm high bottles and will fill the 100ml diffuser twice. Refill sold separately at £18.95. 

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